Monday, February 15, 2016

Traditional With a Dash Of Mod!

I feel that the younger generation tends to go for modern trendy spaces these days. Don't get me wrong I love trends and modern and they are fresh and fun but  sometimes they lack a little depth and interest.  I tend to lean towards eclectic/traditional.  I love seeing sleek pieces that have modern edges mixed with more traditional pieces such as formal sofas, art work and an English or French Chest of drawers.  I have found some fabulous modern furmiture pieces that I think can take any traditional room and give it instant couture.  Check out some of my favorite mixed spaces and pieces for that dash of mod!



The following pieces range in price and availability but are all fantastic!

Hudson Furniture

This simple modern table works just about anywhere.

Great concrete console would be fabulous in  a traditional Belgium inspired interior.

The wave side table is a favorite of mine. 

Great lines can be chic in a formal traditional space.
The above are four are all from All Modern!

Even Baker has the Milling Road line, which has such cool pieces
that again blend well in traditional spaces.
Just look at the three below and imagine just where you could put them!

Arteriors Home always has some modern influenced pieces that I love.

Imagine two of these lovely 84 inch high mirrors flanking a fireplace or at the end of a foyer!

Not all modern looking furniture pieces are new, just look at the two gorgeous examples of Vintage modern style pieces from L'entrepot Design.

Swoon these sconces!

Well. no list would be complete without a trip to Bonny Neiman's site!

Look at these beauties!


  1. Some interesting pieces...I love a good mix too and that first picture nails it!

  2. Thanks for the Great pics Karolyn...I love all great examples of each period...we are having great fun mixing it....Hope to see you soon. :)

  3. I know what you mean Karolyn, the modern or contemporary look is on trend. I'm not one for really sharp lines but I do like the lack of clutter and more open floor plans with a more minimalist feel. The first photo is really gorgeous. I have a large antique French mirror in my great room that is surrounded by contemporary pieces (giving it a feel similar to that top photo). Mixing it up is fun and I like the look:)


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