Monday, March 28, 2016

Healthy Dose Of Hyacinth!

As I watch the flowers in my yard start to emerge I especially love the Spring Hyacinth.  My garden has a color palette of whites with pale blues and purples. I have  bearded Iris, Hyacinth and Cat Mint.  Even though there are  plenty of beautiful tones of purple outside I have none in my house.  This  has me now wishing for a healthy dose of Hyacinth! 
So, where better to start looking for inspiration then Schumacher Fabrics.  I found such gorgeous fabrics and wall coverings and now I just need to figure out where on earth to implement this wonderful design.  Check out these wonderful tones of Hyacinth and Spring and maybe you will want a touch of it in your home too!

Pratt and Lambert Grape Hyacinth 31-24


Eclectic with touches of gray/hyacinth!
Ruth Burts

On to Schumacher with mixes of wall coverings and fabrics that can be paired together for a fabulous space! I especially love Schumacher

Performance linen

Performance Linen

Grass weave wall covering


Pink Hyacinth wool

Great complement with Spring green mix.

Deep Hyacinth velvet

Maybe you want a more reserved tone then look below!

Art always adds the right color and pop!
I just love these mixes of traditional prints and abstract.

Two above from Swanboroughprints- Etsy.

Large and in charge for those who want a neutral space but crave Spring colors in art.

Simple and works well with other traditional art too.


  1. Hi Karolyn,
    I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend! The Spring bulbs are so beautiful and I adore this color palette!! Lovely examples!

    Featuring Artist Scott McBee

  2. Karolyn a beautiful post right after Easter, With tons of inspirational examples to be enjoyed. Even for neutral interiors a pop of Purple in any hue adds whimsy and beauty. Certainly the latest feel good color craze and I love it!

  3. Opening my eyes to color once again. GREAT and thoughtful examples and inspiration.

  4. So love this colorway! Just gorgeous......and that wallpaper, swoon!

  5. These wall-papers are fabulous! Beautiful post! Hope you had a wonderful easter.

  6. LOVE.LOVE!!!!!!!!! OK, I am a white, gray and beige lover. I just added some aqua hints to my home but something tells me that is more for summer. NOW you have confirmed it; I need this color or maybe even yellow as a spring boost! LOVE YOUR POST and thank you sweet one for coming to visit me. I so love this time of year! Anita

  7. perfection!

    Love bringing purple in to my home in the spring and fall !!!



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