Monday, March 7, 2016

Mod Mixing

My house is on the traditional with a hint of eclectic side but I am trying to add more modern  accessories.  I especially love using clean lined pottery and sculpture to add a mod mix along side vintage pieces. I went for a visit to one of my favorite stores,"Great House" by Bonny Neiman in Summit  New Jersey this weekend. Of course I didn't leave empty handed!  I found some mod little vases that I felt would mix wonderfully with my old French pots so I had to grab them.  They work perfectly and now I wish I bought more!  Bonny I will be back soon! Check out how mod and vintage works well in a few vignettes that I have created.  To order these vases and to see other fabulous pieces that Bonny has go HERE!

They work well in my kitchen!

Each one including the candle are just lovely on there own.

I love them along side my old 19th century French pot.

Dakota agrees they look perfect in the living room! 

Okay, I need to go buy more!

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  1. Oh yes it's the magical harmony that comes from the mix. Love your vases and Dakota approves!


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