Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday Must Share!

I cannot believe the weather men! I completely changed my plans this weekend based on this "storm" we were suppose to get. Well as I look out my window it's sunny! I guess the universe really wanted me to stay put for some reason. I guess NYC  will be later this week but meanwhile I have some Monday musing I want to share.  Happy Spring everyone!

I just got my sample tile pack from FIRECLAY Tile !
The are just gorgeous and the colors remind me of  a Belgium palette soft and gray green.

They even do embossed with great graphics!

If you haven't tried FIRECLAY please contact and ask for samples you will love them as much as I do, and the customer service is wonderful.

I love interesting wine bottles such as these Gavi ones.
I clean them and use them as water carafes for dinner parties.

Obsessed with the relief over the old fireplace mantel in the Philadelphia Anthropologie
Its beyond gorgeous I wish I could frame is on put if over mine!

I adore this Etsy artist and the perfect combination of Spring colors in the abstract paintings.

Fun yellow chinoiserie lamps just in time for Spring!

Searching for stencils for a powder room project and found this- WOW!

Beautiful European style linen pillows with Spring embroidered colors!

Lastly, I have been searching for a vintage Peter Rabbit for years to replace the one I lost as a teenager in a house fire.  My mother every year would give us a wonderful collectible doll or animal and I had two favorites, "Scarlett Ohara" and "Peter Rabbit".
Both lost in a fire that occurred while I was at a prom. They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger and that is certainly true. Enough about me, how about this felt bunny! He is precious and handmade on Etsy better grab him before I do!
They have the most amazing felt pieces!


  1. LOVE everything here and going to check out those tiles....gorgeous!! And of course love the chinoiserie lamps:) So terrible about that house fire, so happy you all were OK and you found a beloved Peter Rabbit replacement:)

    1. Thanks Tina you will love those tiles! We were so luck to all be out that evening our poor dog got the brunt of it but survived with just sight damage. Things that make you stronger thats how I look at it! xo K

  2. All kinds of artfully designed finds today Karolyn! I love it all!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. YES, you must get the Peter Rabbit, it looks like a wonderful replacement for a terrible time in your life. Thank God all were ok.

    I love the tiles, cannot wait to check them out. And while I am in Philly I will have to see this Anthropologie!

    1. Definitely check out the original Anthropologie its great!!

  4. Hi Karolyn,
    Us too being told 4+ inches of snow in Philadelphia and only a hint of white on the windshield. Gorgeous tiles and I adore the relief and love Phillys Antropologie. How awful living through a house fire at a young tender age, I'm sorry that was part of your childhood. My dorm room caught fire because of my room mate ... Kind of a silly thing but I have a fire truck on the floor near the kitchen, it gives me a perceived sense of protection. Yes, by all means treat yourself to a vintage or new Peter Rabbit.


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