Monday, April 11, 2016

It's Okay To Vent!

I spent this weekend helping my parents move into a retirement community spec home.  WEll... there is alot of tweaking to be done, because when you buy spec nothing is really custom thus many things are out of your control. That being said my biggest pet peeve is the dreaded wall vent! The ones placed in the most awkward locations, like above windows and french doorways and right when you walk in the door smack in the middle of the wall facing you! Yes, this is what my poor parents are up against in  their home. However,  I am going to give you all a little tip! This is especially for those renovating or building your home do "custom vents"! It's true you can have vents that actually look cool.  Besides vents must go somewhere, so why not make them attractive?  Check out the great vents and grilles I found on Architectural Grille and go HERE to find out more info!

Had to throw in this privacy screen !

Comes in wood too so the sky is the limit!


  1. Oh I haven't ever thought of this! But always admire old brass vents! Good luck to your parents on their move! They certainly have a strong advantage in you!

  2. So many pretties...we got decorative vents and love them as much today as they day I got them:)
    Good luck with your parents...they are lucky to have you there to work your magic!

  3. Good luck to your parents.
    They are so blessed to have you as their daughter for many, many reasons!

  4. Karolyn you are so inventive to discover these great vents! Love the selections available! It is a blessing you can be there for your parents.

    The Arts by Karena

  5. I think you helping your parents is very sweet. The 3rd photo vent I love, thanks for all your research and sharing. Love your posts.

  6. Okay, thanks. I'll never look at my vents the same way again. Just added to my "to do" list.

  7. This is great Karoln! Thanks for the links:) Yes, those dreaded vents.. they are not (typically) pretty. Good luck getting your folks into their new place!

  8. Love these vents! We have a couple of those awkwardly placed ones as well. I have to check these out.

  9. I have not thought a lot about this until now. Thank you for sharing these beautiful vents. I especially like the vent at the bottom of the column. hey always seem to blow in your face wherever you are.
    Happy Wednesday,

  10. how are we gonna add these to my husband's very long list of chores? so many wonderful options, and here i am with the ugliest vents everrrrrr. thanks for the reminder!


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