Thursday, May 19, 2016

Love Goodly

It is good to"Love Goodly" and to "Shop Goodly"!  I love eco friendly and animal friendly products. Let me introduce this company "Love Goodly.

Two moms Katie Bogue-Miller and Justine Lassoff wanted to use products that were safe for themselves and their families but also at a reasonable price. Products that are better for our planet.
The average woman uses 168 chemicals in their personal care every day and up to 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream.
Katie and Justine created  bimonthly subscription boxes so you can discover nontoxic beauty, eco lifestyle and wellness products at a great price. The brands they carry are cruelty-free, organic, non-gmo, eco-friendly and vegan. With each purchase, they give 5% back to a cause.
The causes they support are the following:

I was so excited to see Farm Sanctuary because it's a cause that I already supported.
I was also happy to see that one can buy individual items as well as joining a bimonthly box goody.
Here are a few of the fun things you can buy on Goodly and they include things ranging form food to  eco friendly candles and make up.  
So go treat yourself to something fun and healthy while giving back!

Katie Bogue-Miller and Justine Lassoff

This is Love Goodly's Adopted Pig- Jimmy The Snout!


  1. It's so encouraging to see companies who offer safer products. You were right, this is definitely something that would appeal to me!

  2. Good information here and I am happy to see more and more companies taking this stance about being more responsible and at the same time supporting and bringing awareness to important takes a village!! Happy Sunday:)


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