Thursday, June 2, 2016

Classic Khaki!

I see such a trend towards gray and white these days. Believe me there is nothing wrong with that but there are other lovely neutrals out there too. One of my favorite neutrals to use for those who don't want gray is good old khaki.  I love it with other pale tones such as flax and cream, but I also love it mixed with bold colors such as Aubergine and Persimmon. Just like a great pair of khaki pants or shorts it's really a classic. What is you favorite go too neutral other than gray?

Putting together khaki and aubergine for a basement project.

House Beautiful

Another great combo mixing gold, khaki and plum.

Yes, khaki even works with gray!

A favorite khaki toned piece by Tansu Design!


  1. Beautiful spaces! I love the khaki with black like in that gorgeous room with the twin beds! Enjoy your weekend. Let's hope for some sun!

  2. I loved every one of these images. I am getting ready to paint (well the painter is) my cupboard in my gameroom khaki love it!!

  3. Khaki is such a classic - in clothes or design!! I just clicked over from Elizabeth's blog to your friend's beach towels - I love them and am about to order six as our new "pool towels". Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend, Karolyn! xoxo

  4. I love the khaki with the aubergine! The zebra palm is a fun fabric. Was thinking about it in green for one of my rooms. Gah! I need to stay focused on my bedroom though.

  5. These shades and combinations are right up my alley.
    I am in a constant internal battle of color or neutrals, however by the appearance of my home I am a neutral girl and love it!
    Happy Monday,


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