Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Arhaus Dream Living Room

 I was inspired to create a dream living room by Arhaus so I jumped at the chance! First of all I dream of a new living room weekly because as designer we see so many wonderful new things it's hard to stay grounded to our own spaces. It was a breeze with Arhaus to go to the site and see so many amazing choices and styles that fit any home. Because my present living room leans towards the traditional side I went for a more relaxed eclectic space using everything from Arhaus!
"Arhaus is a furniture company who uses great designs for usable products, with great little design features too. They're committed to the earth's resources, through the development of unique and functional pieces from recycled natural resources, with an added commitment to never using wood from the endangered forests of the world, which can be seen in all their products, from their sectional sofas to their chandeliers.

Check out the pieces I chose and go visit the Arhaus site and create your dream living room too. Tell me which is your favorite piece.  Happy Shopping right HERE.

See below for pieces!



Club 34



Allister Zinc

Jehan Taupe/Gray



Brown Horse 1 & 2

Malia round Basket


  1. i would feel right at home in your design, karolyn. save me a seat in the wordsmith chair! peace.

  2. Hi Karolyn, I love everything you've chosen !
    We have a beautiful store here in Houston, about a mile from me, and I'll definitely pop in and check it out. I love their name, btw. Your daughter is just beautiful, like her elegant, gorgeous mother. xx's

  3. They really do have some beautiful pieces and I loved what you picked. Hope you are enjoying your week, Karolyn!

  4. Fabulous picks! I just recently ordered two of their Rockway sofas for a client project. Their pieces are so comfy. xo


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