Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Connected Goods

You know I love to share.  When I find sites that benefit not only myself but the artisans and my readers I always share. So today I am sharing Connected Goods!  They are a member of the World Fair Trade Organization and they do not mass produce their wares.  I personally cannot get enough of storage baskets and cool accessories and this site has both.  Check them out HERE!

I also would like to add a heart felt good bye to a brave woman who was kind to reach out and post about my painted pumpkins with all she had to deal with I am thinking of her as I paint them and wish I had sen tone to her before she passed away. I will create an honorary  pumpkin as tribute to Have Some Decorum and it will be sold on my site with all proceeds going to ALS please stay tuned, I will also post this on Instagram as well.


  1. what a lovely tribute. i loved her blog too and was so sad to read her daughter's post about her passing. i pray she's at peace and not in pain anymore but words. {{{{hugs}}}}

  2. Beautiful pieces, I cannot wait to go check them out. Ellie was indeed a wonderful and brave woman. How kind and generous of you to paint a pumpkin in her honor. I am sure she would be thrilled.

  3. Oh, Karolyn, I love that you are dedicating a pumpkin to Ellie - her blog was so funny and heartbreaking at the same time. I really felt like I got to know her through it. What a horrific disease.

    Wishing you a beautiful weekend, my friend!! xoxo

  4. Karolyn,
    Your heart is full of such goodness and care.
    These are all gorgeous pieces.


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