Sunday, September 4, 2016

Crushing On One Kings Lane

I am currently  crushing anything that is Belgian or can give me a Belgian inspired space.  There is something so relaxing and charming about simple European decor.  Right now OKL has some beauties that can create a simple yet classic space. Check out some of my crushes all found on OKL!


  1. These do indeed look Belgian (I lived in Brussels for six years and married a Belgian, so I know!). If you want to see more Belgian design, check out the blog Belgian Pearls and the collection of the furniture store Flamant.

    1. I adore Belgian Pearls she can do nothing wrong!! Thanks so much for that source!! xo K

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  3. Love the soft color palette .... It is very soothing, you have a great eye! Hope you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend .


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