Sunday, September 11, 2016

Lounge Around In Plum Pretty Sugar!

I am finally doing my Fall clean out!  Old Pj's and lounge wear are the first to go. I realized that didn't leave me much to lounge around in and at approaching 51 I think it's high time I had some nice lounge wear. Well, I found Plum Pretty Sugar and ordered a few things immediately.  They had lovely cotton, silk and mixed pieces for young and more mature Ahem... like myself!  
Check them out  HERE!


  1. These pjs look fabulous! I had not heard of this company and now I am off to take a look. I can always use a new pair of fall pjs/ Hope you had a lovely weekend.

  2. These are gorgeous!! You gave me a great idea for a Christmas present for Sista. Have a wonderful week, sweet Karolyn!

  3. Those do look amazing. The patterns are beautiful. :)

  4. So funny. I did the same thing recently. Got rid of all of my crappy old Jammie's and bought myself some grown up nice pjs. These are great picks.

    1. Isnt it amazing what clothing we hold onto, good riddens to those!! xo


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