Friday, November 18, 2016

Transitional Collectibles

I love seeing what people collect!  It adds such personality to one's decor.  I was sitting with a cup of tea reading a favorite design book, "Gracious Rooms" by Barbara Westbrook. I simply adore the kitchen with a collection of Victorian Jaspeware.  I thought this could definitely work in a modern setting especially if one uses Basalt - Black Jaspeware.  So of course I was on that in a flash and headed directly to Etsy!  Etsy has some many wonderful pieces with reasonable to more expensive pricing.  Worth checking out! What do you collect? 

My little plate from Etsy!

Fabulous kitchen by Barbara Westbrook!
Look at that collection, swoon!

The above can all be found on Etsy with search

Below If you are not a fan of black basalt then blue may do the trick!
Look at this teapot its wonderful.
Search Blue Jasperware Ebay!

Saw this collection on Pinterest,
 the mix of blue and black is amazing.


  1. This is so interesting. There's a cathedral not terribly far from me, in Agde, France, that's made of basalt. Many of the buildings in Agde are very imposing in the black stone. I had no idea it was a thing for housewares. I'm going to keep an eye out.

  2. Beautiful collection! I collect wooden spoons and ironstone pitchers and use them in my kitchen everyday. Have a fabulous weekend.

  3. I have collected cookware for over 45 years. In my remodeled kitchen my collection is everywhere—including a "valence" over my large window—and I love seeing them and using them and having things on open shelves. Not for everyone I know, but who cares?!

    1. I totally appreciate that it must be such a fun space!!

  4. A truly beautiful collection and I agree Karolyn our collections reveal much about our personalities and interests through our lives experiences.

  5. What a lovely collection!! Hope they closing/move is going smoothly - I am thinking of you! Hugs!!!

  6. All of these items are so beautiful!



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