Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Tis' The Season For Summer Furniture!

No I haven't lost my mind!  It really is the best time to buy outdoor Summer furniture right now.  Most stores have great sales right now and left over inventory.  One of my favorite stores that I just bought all of my outdoor furniture for the new house is 'The Garden Cottage".   They carry many lines of fabulous outdoor furniture but one brand that is their own is CO9.  I love it!  I bought all of my outdoor pieces from that company except for the Kingsley Bate Paris dining chairs.  Right now there is a great sale going on, so if you are in need of new or additional Summer Furniture pieces consider buying now.  Here are some of the pieces I chose and others that I may add down the road!

CO9 72 - 118 extension table done!

Soho sofa, two of those!

Four of these Soho chairs do the trick.

I love this don't you!

Smitten with this concrete grouping, maybe next time!

Modern concrete chair!

Love this chair, that may be future fireside chairs.

My dear friend has these and they are actually very comfortable!

Great planters,,,

Or maybe these for fireside!

This concrete stool has wheels so no lugging around.

My Kingley Bate dining chairs that work well with
 all of the CO 9 pieces!


  1. That table and planter are stunning!


  2. love the look of this new to me furniture line! can't wait to see if they ship to houston...

  3. Summer furniture now - what a smart girl you are to plan ahead and get a good deal. Every item is gorgeous! Hope you are settling into the new house and have time to celebrate the season! Hugs!

  4. I SO appreciate this post! It reminded me to be on the lookout for planters. Have a wonderful holiday and a very healthy and Happy New Year!


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