Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Cutting Words....

"Grow Old Together" Sign
Magnolia Market

If you're like me you love that crazy Fixer Upper couple Jo and Chip!  I'ts my lazy hour when I just air pop some corn and see what fun things they create per episode.  Now I am not talking about the actual fixer uppers because lord knows I was doing that over 10 years ago.. you  should have seen my house in Lake Placid before we gutted it, even Chip would have had second thoughts. No,  I am talking about all the creative little touches they add the make the houses unique.  One thing I am totally crushing on  is all the art created out of metal by good ole Jimmy Don.  They take a simple sheet of metal and with the right saying and font they cut words into such a conversation piece... I have to find me a Jimmy Don. Well until  that happens here are some places to cut some metal with your own personal sayings!

South High Sign Co

Above and Below
Irish Blessing

Of course you can always  count on Magnolia Market by Joanna and Chip for some great
Metal Art Signs!

Below From Jimmy Don!

"Grow Old Together" Sign


  1. Love these!! Have a great weekend, sweet Karolyn.

  2. Great signs! Visited The Silos last month when I was in Dallas - really enjoyed it.

  3. I have a jimi me the most creative things they do are what they do to the exteriors of the homes. I think they have a bit of magic in that departement!

    1. That is true I do love some of the facades for sure!!


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