Friday, May 5, 2017

Cabin In The Woods!

You they say that the second time around may be better than the first.   Well I hope that is the case, because we are heading back to Lake Placid! Yes after 5 long years of leaving our original fixer upper behind , by the way wish I took photos of that because Chip and Joanne would have appreciated it for sure!  This new one is not a fixer upper, but of course I cannot help myself I need to make it feel like home.  It will get a fresh coat of exterior paint in Soot by BJM with crisp white trim and leaving green window clad.  But the inside you will have to stay tuned for.....

After reading Cindy's  Rough Luxe post on Ethnic decor I know that's a bit of the direction I want to take the inside towards, but seriously I think I need to stay focused on the house I live in all year long first!
Okay one more photo...

Nope not a white kitchen but I don think I will change much in here,  but I will keep you posted!


  1. I love it! The kitchen is great, I agree- love the wood tones! What a fun project and gorgeous location. xo Nancy

  2. Love it. Take a look at Becki Owens.....for inspiration.
    Love LP.

  3. gorgeous kitchen! thanks for sharing Karolyn!


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