Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Doing A Little Fishing!

Ever since I found wonderful these silver leaf fish in Boston I have been fishing for more scaly beauties!
Fish are truly wonderful creatures with interesting color and shimmer, so no wonder people love to use them in decor too.  Here are a few ways to to be a decorating Pescetarian !

Yes these are fake! They can be found at Upstairs Downstairs Antiques

Here is the lovely Perch I bought along with 2 others and I think I need more!

But, can we talk about the following Scabetti lighting!
Beyond gorgeous...


If you would rather a wall covering well I have your "covered"!

Maybe a mural?

This one is very unique!


  1. Wow, some of these are just gorgeous.
    I had to laugh though. I lived in Africa long ago, and among the ethnic group in my area, the worst insult you could call somebody was "fish eater." Personally, I love fish, whether on the plate or on the walls as a motif.

    1. I love nothing better than a good piece of Salmon or Tuna so they would not like me in Africa!

  2. So different and beautiful! Really love these. 😀😀

  3. I loved the bag and the fish when you featured them on Instagram. These rest are beautiful and interesting, frankly I never thought to decorate with fish before.

    1. THey are interesting creatures and they can be an object of beauty@ xo

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