Wednesday, October 11, 2017

At Home With Dogs And Their Designers

Finally a book that combines two of my favorite things! Dogs and Design!
Leave it to Susanna Salk to knock this one out of the design park by mixing lovable dogs and the gorgeous abodes in which they reside.   It's so much fun seeing how designers live, especially when they either have children or pets. We definitely see that these fabulous designers are not afraid to mix stunning interiors with a bit of pet hair and paw prints! Now check out these images and try to guess which dog belongs to whom... don't worry you can get the book Here to get the answers.
 Believe me you will want this, plus it is the perfect Holiday gift for both design and pet lovers alike.



  1. This will definitely be on my table !!! And, it may be a gift to my many girlfriends too. This is a really special piece for me, as I love dogs, all of them. xx's

  2. Oh how precious! I need to add that one to my Christmas list...It's funny, I started a post a few weeks ago about bloggers and their golden retrievers but I never finished it. I had planned to post it during National Dog Week but the week got past me and I didn't get to it. One of these days...Hope all is well with you, my friend. I am sure you are enjoying this cooler weather!

  3. I love this book! I cannot wait to get my copy. My favorite photo is the cover of Robert Couturiers stunning house and his adorable pups!

  4. Interested in price on painted blue and white pumpkins. Can you email me at

  5. This book is right up my ally, love the pages you featured here Karolyn, I have a friend who’ daughter wanted Leopard print bedding when I was designing a few rooms for them in their older home that had great bones and character. I talked them into laying wool carpeting in her room, that butted up to her entry of wood flooring, we installed the amazing carpet to then find the home owner herself demanded we do the same carpet in her bedroom. The whole house was wood flooring. Brick kitchen and dinning flooring, and now two very sizable bedrm in Leopard carpeting. I accented the room for her daughter which was her granddaughter she took permanent custody of at a toddler age due to the death of her daughter. We then were able to give this teen a room that wouldn’t trap her with dating Leopard bedding or animal prints, Chandeliers and wonderful accessories tied the room together with a wood daybed in black like the one you have pictured her in a floral black finish. This feature brought back memories of the home I did with fitting in their lifestyle living with dogs.

    I really now must add this book to my Library.., beautiful post!

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