Thursday, March 22, 2018

CRUSH- Flemish Black Tiles!

Well, one of my favorite tile companies have done it again! Cle has reproduced the gorgeous Belgium inspired -Flemish Black Tiles.  They made them from blackened clay then took a restored form of terra cotta to create these Belgian reproduction tiles. These can be used both indoor and outdoors and have quite an authentic antique looking surface too! Imagine the foyer or mudroom, bathroom or even pathway one could create with these beauties!!
For more info go HERE


  1. More and more I'm loving the clean, sleek, contemporary styles, but I'll always have antiques around. Cannot imagine a room without an antique somewhere. My daughter in law told my son she didn't want any "used furniture" as she thought it brought bad vibes ??????

  2. This is my design style. They look so precise!


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