Monday, January 9, 2012

Hotel style worth bringing home!

These days hotels are pushing the interior design envelope, and we are loving it!  There are so many fabulous hotels out there, it was so hard to pick three that had an influence on our design ideas. So I decided to stick to NYC hotels and here are three that have unique style!

My number 1 is "The Crosby Street Hotel", a privately owned hotel by Tim and Kit Kemp, who have many hotels in London.  Kit Kemp designed the hotel, and her wonderful eclectic style shines through from room to room. If you are in town, at least stop by for a cocktail and browse the lobby, study, and bar..worth stealing a few ideas!!!

Number 2 is the" Gramercy Park Hotel", lovated in lovely gramercy park  , surrounded by great brownstones, and down the street form the famous Gramercy Tavern.. the hotel is noted for "pushing the envelop", bohemian style!  Plaster walls, moroccan tile work, bold colors large pieces of art, and reclaimed lumber, has your eyes trying to take it all in!  Maybe you think this is not your style, but there is definitely one or tow things you can take form this hotel to give your home an interesting vibe!

Number 3, last but not least is "The London Hotel". If the other two where did not give you the calm feel you may need when staying at a hotel.. The London will!  clean, monochromatic style, a hint on the masculine side.. it provides a more minimalist feel..which some are looking for. You can also incorporate this feel into your bedroom at home.. by keeping it clean, sharp and simple!

The Crosby Street lobby

The Crosby's courtesy/study room, where guests can hang and make themselves a cocktail!

Feminine style, yet cool guest room.

Masculine style, sharp.. yet inviting!

Now thats a book shelf!! Thanks Crosby Street.. worth checking out! 

The Gramercy Park Hotel Lobby, large scale contemporary art.. with bold colors, and cool accessories! 

Gramercy bar, with plaster walls, in green, wonderful rustic wood, and oversized artwork!

Large bar area, again, mixes of rustic and velvet, amazing light fixture, and art...

Gramercy lounge..yes that is a light fixture of hundreds of hanging bulbs.. its amazing!!!

A glimpse of the suite.. mixed paint colors, velvet, and crisp white linens...

The London Hotel Lobby.. with an amazing map hung behind as  a piece of art. 

London lobby, side view.. cool, clean.. ceiling mimics floor pattern.

The London, dining area.. mix or wood, and calm colors.. very soothing to the eye!

The London guest room, simple, yet elegant...grays and pale gold.

A very minimal feel, great use of built for small space needs!

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