Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dominican Republic, sandy beaches, blue water.. and a great design magazine!!

Yes, I can't seem to get away from design, not even on vacation!! Just spent four lovely days at the Hard Rock Resort in Punta Cana with my family.. and I still had to buy a design magazine! But, not just any design magazine... AD- Architectural Digest, courtesy of Spain!
Lovely cover just drew me in!!

Rustic, and modern what a great mix...

Bohemian Cabin Chic!

That good chesterfield sofa.. a must have.. never goes out of style!!!

Love this kitchen,mix of modern upper cabinetry with  wood, ice box latches, bistro flooring.. something for everyone!

Great eating room off of kitchen, same flooring, with thonet chairs feels like you are in a cafe!

Disco ball as art!!Why not!!

Of course we needed an authentic spanish fireplace to let us know, where this magazine is based out of!
Who cares that I really cannot read the darn thing.. its the photographs that have me mesmerized, and the kinship between cultural  design ideas.. even though it is a different country. Please enjoy some great rooms, and especially the spanish interpretation of Cabin style, and a great  Kitchen!

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