Friday, January 20, 2012

Weights and Measures!

While milling our way through several antique stores yesterday, we saw a common accessory must have!
Each store had something having to do with weights and measures.. such as grain scales, candy scales.. rustic, and brass finished, also lovely little hourglasses on shelves and side tables.. paired with globes.. small clocks..etc.
One fabulous, large brass scale courtesy of

 Antique Postal Scale 

Unfortunately "Sold" on Etsy but I wish I was the one who bought it! 

The DIY Club, displayed the scale as a candy dish!!

Belle Vivir has this great scale in this amazing kitchen for fruits and vegetables instead of a bowl!

Available on Amazon! 

Available at
These utilitarian pieces, are not only functional but lovely to look at , and do well in any decor! So if you are out and about and see one of these little finds.. grab it..give it a home on your table or shelf.. or even kitchen!

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