Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Icon Inspired Rooms....

After just joining Pinterest.. I have had so much fun looking at people's pins..especially of iconic figures! I love the photographs of hollywood icons that are not mainstream and seem to capture the true character that resides within them. I started thinking of how they have influenced and even interiors! I searched for my favorite hollywood icons and did my best to match them up with interior spaces that I feel represented their style and true self, not just the one that they portrayed on screen. I would love input and to see a stream of Pins that you feel represent iconic style! Enjoy!
The ever lovely Audrey Hepburn.

Phoebe Howard.. pale, elegant.. just Audrey!

Gregory Peck
Garrow Kedigian..A gentleman's space for a true gentleman Gregory Peck!

Beautiful and graceful..Grace Kelly

Matthew Patrick Smyth creates a tradtionally beautiful room..totally  Grace !

Wow, Gene Kelly.. I love this photo of the famous dancing man himself!

Well, I think Daryll Carter's space has clean sophistication, and a great piano so that Gene can dance his heart away!

I love this of Marilyn, there is an innocence, and clean beauty that you dont always get to see in her photographs!

Trends-Trends posted this room, and there is a feminine, airy quality about it that I feel says Marilyn!

Cary Grant.. what else can I say!!!

House Beautiful post.. a Gray flannel upholstered room.. with antiques.. and utter class. everything that is Cary Grant!!


  1. Thanks Cynthia! I so miss that type of hollywood style!!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL! I love old hollywood glamour, it's timeless! I love the 'Marilyn room', it's stunning! Great post.

    xx A

  3. Thank you, I wanted to find a room that I thought represented the real Marilyn.. though i wouldnt mind it for myself!1


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