Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romantic Interior Inspirations...

Since today is Valentines day... I found myself wanted to search for romantic rooms! Everyone's idea of romantic is different.. some like warm and cozy , and others like light and ethereal. I like them both! I found myself looking at  feminine colors.. and being drawn to them. I do however love bold rich tones as well, if they are paired with great materials with texture, such as mohair, velvet.. and coarse nubby linens. I also love romantic accessories in a stark room.. things with crystal, brass.. glass, any thing that reflects light. So I have picked  rooms that have a variety of romantic tones.. whether it be the fabric, paint.. furniture or just the setting itself. Let some of these picks inspire you to add a little romance to your Roost! 
Micelle Workman for Jennifer Lopez
Alessandra Branca

Drawn to the pale pinks and cocoas of this House Beautiful room...

A stark and light room that has hints of glimmer is quite romantic!

I think the RED speaks volumes of romance in this House Beautiful room!

Very simple with just Pottery Barn sheets to add hints of red and white.. provides that touch of romance.

Everything about this room is romance from the chandelier to the wall colors.. to the fireplace and lush window treatments, it takes one back in time!

Simple fun!

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  1. Gorgeous photos, I LOVE images 1 and 7! Beautiful! xx A

  2. Thank you Allison,
    This blogger thing is pretty new to me.. and I appreciate encouraging comments..especially from someone who has a great blog herself!!

  3. Gorgeous images...the third image is one of my favorites...adore the monogram on the chest!! Happily following your beautiful blog ~

  4. Thank you so much! Hickory Chair is now doing custom monogramming on chests too..I hope I get the opportunity to do one for a client someday!


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