Monday, March 5, 2012

Ireland loves Guinness!

The Guinness that I am referring to is none other than Desmond Guinness!  He is descended from the 18th-century brewer that stout drinkers the world over  hold in high esteem. Desmond Guinness is a man of style and grace! When I think of luxury in Ireland the Guinness family and the Leixlip Castle come to mind. When Desmond and Mariga Guinness first lived at Leixlip in the 1950’s they became the unlikely champions of Irish Architecture. Mrs. Guinness (Mariga) was the daughter of a German prince and had grown up traveling the world and Asia, having no real link to Ireland., and although Mr. Guinness had Irish roosts extending back over two centuries, he had been raised and educated in England. However, being a Guinness he felt an allegiance to Ireland, and its architecture and in 1958 announced plans to re-establish the Irish Georgian Society. This was a group that had photographic records of some of Dublin’s best Georgian buildings earlier in the century. Mr. Guinness wrote in the Irish Times, that this new version of the society would, ”fight for the protection of what was left of the Georgian Architecture in Ireland.”  The following month after this announcement they began restoring a building of their own, Leixlip castle. This was a dilapidated 12th  century fortress in west Dublin, which became their home and the group’s headquarters.
After 50years and series of celebrations, and an amazing illustrated book, the Irish Georgian society under Desmond Guinness has been credited with restoring several architectural landmarks across Ireland, examples being “ the union  hall for Dublin Tailors,“ and “the country’s oldest Palladian house. “ This groupd has helped bring national attention and a change of heart towards Irish architecture.
Leixlip Castle itself has its own place in the Society’s lore, it served as a clubhouse and entertainment attraction for many famous people, such as Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithful! Over the years , the Guinesses filled their home with pieces primarily reaped from native soil. Mr. Guinness, received an award in 2006 from Queen Sofia of Spain on behalf of Europa Nostra, a pan- European cultural heritage group, which cited his “fifty years” of unrelenting voluntary efforts” on the behalf of Irelands Architectural heritage.
Now without further a due , please enjoy the photographs of this amazing man, and his still extremely beautiful, stylish Leixlip Castle!

Desmond Guinness a true man  of style, how I love this Ikat jacket he had chosen  for this photograph!

Mariga Guinness, lovely and a true lover of classic interiors!

This room is fantastic, the paint color the tapestries the haphazard wood pile in the corner, I love it!!

The use of accessories are done so well, again bright colors for upholstery!

How about this amazing dollhouse and chest of drawers, it lends amazing architecture to this room!

Quintessential horse folk!

Beautiful Leixlip Castle!

Thank you for the wonderful information:"tweedland" the gentlemans club!

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