Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ode to Ireland!

I am feeling nostalgic this month! I am sitting here remembering  the few times I was able to visit my mother's homeland "Ireland"! Although its been over 20 years since I last stepped foot on that beautiful green earth, it feels like yesterday!   I was fortunate to have spent several months in a lovely little county named Offaly, close to  the town of Birr. My time  was spent in a small cottage not far off from the ones you may remember in "The Quiet Man"! I remember  there being only 3 or 4 rooms, and one OUT HOUSE!! Water came from a well up the hill, and we were able to run out the door and down the lane, or out to the hills that stretched for acres behind my Grandfathers farm.  I truly miss that innocent time, and the smell of burning turf that wafted  from the chimneys. It was a romantic , and although I know Ireland has changed, I hold these memories close to my heart! Thus, I have decided to try and pay tribute to the Ireland that I remember as a child! This month I will attempt to fill most of my blogs with beautiful Irish history, art and even design.  So, to get things started I am posting some beautiful books that may tweak some interest, I know I am ordering  quite a few! 

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