Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sybille De Margerie

 My partner and I primarily do residential interior design, and an occasional restaurant. I am in awe of the thought and innovation that goes into designing hotels. I love to wander through great hotel lobbies, to see the detail and architecture, especially new hotels where the designer and architect have had to truly go through great lengths to provide enough texture, detail, lighting and atmosphere for people to want to return stay after stay!  So, when I see articles on such designers I always take the time to read them, and one article in particular caught my eye! The email for 1st Dibs new listings had its weekly Style Compass. This week the spotlight was on Sybille de Margerie.
 Born into the Taittinger family – a name synonymous with fine champagne, Sybille de Margerie knew early on that interior design was her passion, despite early studies in law. By 24 she had opened her own firm and was soon designing hotel interiors. She has designed such prestigious names such as Concorde, Le Crillon, as well as restaurants, and casinos, which ‘allow for playful design with no limit on creativity,” she says.
Sybille has also designed the world renown Paris Mandarin Oriental hotel! These photographs from around the globe prove her level of expertise, love of creativity and artistic ability! I am amazed, and thought it worth sharing

Sybille de Margerie as per 1st Dibs

Mandarin Oriental-Paris

Cheval Blanc- France

Old Cataract-Egypt, staying true to cultural design with a twist!

Old Cataract-Egypt

Hotel Martinez- Cannes

Mandarin Oriental suite- Paris

Love the relaxing room with pops of color-Mandarin Oriental- Paris

The  ultimate suite at the Mandarin Oriental -Paris!!

Sybille's pick from 1st dibs.. this designer has style!!!

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