Monday, April 23, 2012

The Joy Of Decorating!

     If you haven't seen Phoebe Howard's new book, "The Joy of Decorating", then check out some of the pictures below and see what you're missing!  Mrs. Howard's designs are truly a much needed study in restraint.  Each room brings a sense of calm, classic, comfortable perfection.  I never find myself wanting to add or change a thing!  How does she know when a room is complete?  Does she ever fall short of perfection?
     Luckily we will get to hear more about Phoebe's philosophy on design tomorrow evening in Manhattan.  Though Phoebe is queen of design down South, she will be doing a book signing at Carolina Herrera, hosted by two of her northern contemporaries, Bunny Williams and Charlotte Moss.  We can't wait to share details on our evening's experience with not just one... three of our design idols!  We’re not worthy!

Ah...sweet symmetry!

Yeay! No "x's"!

Come eat, read, chat... sit!

Beautifully eclectic and clean!


  1. I adore everything Phoebe Howard and this book is no exception...stunning!!


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