Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You can mix work and play!!

Work and play does mix, at least that’s what I told myself yesterday! Suzanne and I went into to the book signing for Phoebe Howard yesterday in NYC.  We decided to make it a workday and did returns and searched at the D&D building.  The problem with the D&D is it never ends! You say you will stay focused on a particular search and then you see so many new wonderful fabrics, paper, etc. that you end up spending several hours roaming through each showroom.  So needless to say when 5 o'clock hit we had to force ourselves to put the fabric samples down!  We knew that we had a good hour before the book signing began so we decided to rest our weary legs at the wonderful Bemelman's Bar at the Carlyle Hotel.
For those who have not been there it's on 76th and Madison.  It is traditionally beautiful with whimsical touches throughout. The bar is dark and moody with 24 k leaf ceilings and a wonderful surrounding wall mural rendered by Ludwig Bemelmans. If the name sounds familiar it should... he was the author and illustrator of the classic Madeline Books. This is the only surviving commission open to the public, one in which he refused payment. Instead, he created the murals in exchange for a year and a half rent free residency at the Carlyle for he and his family.  I have included photographs of this great little haunt, and hope that it entices you to drop in, next time you are in the Big Apple!
Well, Suzanne and I did eventually make it to the book signing, but it was difficult leaving that cozy lounge!  This was quite a different atmosphere at Carolina Herrera.  Greeted by several wait staff with sparkling water and champagne, we entered what felt more like a fashion show.  Everyone was dressed in cocktail black. Charlotte Moss in horizontal black and cream, Phoebe in a lovely dress and Suzanne and I in our work attire! Oh well, we really did work all day! Anyway, it was lovely meeting Phoebe Howard. She was gracious and friendly.  We found out more about the line of furniture for Sherrill launched by she and her husband.  Phoebe kindly gave her husband most of the credit for the line and stated it was well received at market.  We wish the Howard's much success with their new line, and I am sure it will be fantastic! A special thanks to Leah Kennelly for inviting us, it was a fun day of work and play!

The lobby at the Carlyle

Cafe Carlyle

Art Deco suite

Love this suite!

Bemelmans Bar

Thank you Phoebe Howard!

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