Thursday, April 26, 2012

PORTER TELEO the fine art of wallcoverings!

     Our Dessin Fournir Sales Representative, David Parrett sent us a package of goodies along with wonderful samples that we ordered. Among them was the brochure for Porter Teleo. Although the company has been up and running for several years, I think their classic modern wallpapers and fabrics have really come into there own. With the trend heading towards a greater mix of classic traditional and modern, this line fits perfectly into this dynamic!  The wallpaper is almost raw in feel and lends itself to classic modern art. I see inspiration ranging from Helen Frankenthaler to Franz Kline. 
     The hand printed and hand painted wall coverings were developed by Kelly Porter and Interior designer Bridgett Cochran.  The use of a variety of fine art processes is evident, such as wood blocking, painting and chine-colle (Chine-colle is printmaking in which the image is transferred to a surface that is bonded to a heavier support in the printing process; serving the purpose of printing on very delicate surfaces or to allow a background color behind the image that is different from the surrounding backing sheet.)
     The unique styling of these papers and fabrics is drawn from ancient Japanese screens, antique architectural ornamentation, and the hand of Kelly Porter! They only use the finest pigments and handmade Japanese papers for the wall coverings. 
     I cannot wait to have a client that allows me to expand their visual horizon and install one of these fine wallcoverings in their space!  I truly think this will become a classic, especially when mixed with fine antiques and quality modern pieces.

Kelly Porter and Bridget Cochran

Fabric line, silk scarf. I love the movement and nature of this fabric!

My favorite is the Inkblot wall covering!

Composition Rings

Conte Stripe

En Plein Air


Hand printed

Ink blot

Painters Palette

Painters Palette 2

Quality of Lines

Signs and Signifiers

Silk scarf pattern

Additional fabric, with silky flowing feel.

On the cover of the brochure... just an amazing look!

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