Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bird Cages... Why Not?

     I was checking out John Roselli Antiques when I came across some antique bird cages.   I happen to have an identical one to one listed in their current stock (see below).  Mine is being used as a decorative element in my daughter's bedroom... and it has glittery butterflies adorning it inside and out!
     Well, if you read our blog, you may know that my sister has been called the bird lady for her love of all things bird.  From Gracie wallpaper with bird motifs to owl statues, bookends, prints, jewelry... to endeavoring to build a chicken coup!
     In the seventies it seemed like everybody had a parakeet.  I think we had two, Pierre I and II.  However, they lived in the lackluster confines of the typical pet store variety square birdcages of the time.  So, I was inspired to find interesting bird cages and I came across quite a few.  Enjoy below...

Bird Cages by Jasper White, Trayler & Trayler blog
Antique bird cage at John Roselli Antiques
18th c Mughal Ivory bird cage 1st Dibs, Michael Donaldson Antiques

Pagoda bird cage, cococozy.com
Barraveld Int'l Bird Cage 89"h x dia 52" available through Town & Country Interiors, LLC
Mid Century Modern 1950's birdcage, by Bob Crutchfield www.jmpierson.com 
Currey and Company Bird Cage 50 x 28 x 94, available through Town & Country Interiors, LLC


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