Friday, May 4, 2012

Cabana Crisis!

I know I should be happy that it's the weekend, but I have the daunting task on Sunday of pulling apart my cabana. These old out buildings came with the property and were built back in the 1950's according ot the previous owner. When we bought this old farm house you could tell they had been around for a long time!  After a new roof, new pitched ceiling, new french doors, brick floor, new toilets, etc.. . they are in decent shape, or at least they were until now.  New Jersey had a  mild winter this year. We are usually used to temperatures in the 20's and 30's, cold enough to keep mildew at bay. Well, not this year!  My sad cabana has been taken over inside by  unsightly surface mildew. Now it's bleach and a complete new paint job, even though I just painted 2 years ago!   Once I start pulling things apart I know I am going to want to edit what's there, so I started searching pool houses and found some wonderful decor.  I have a blue and white theme now, but I think it needs a little something.  I think some of these photos have inspired me and I will keep you posted as I nurse my poor old pool house back to health!

The Cabana in crisis, I would let you in but I want you to have  a nice weekend and not be horrified!

My apologies to any blog that I found all these wonderful photos on, being over 45 years old has made me scattered brained.. and I lost the paper that I wrote my link list too!

Love the natural setting, unfortunately its not mine!

Simple elegant., this one is my favorite, so I will just keep dreaming!

Really like the broad white and black stripe, with a relaxed feel.

I have a collection of blue and white pottery started in the cabana, think I may keep that.

Love this little hurricane , no fear of starting a fire!

Really like the natural greek key outdoor rug, will probably get that one!

I always find Trina Turk out door fabric to be fun!

Would love a fig tree, but afraid it wont last.

Great throw for chill nights!

Love the latest outdoor ikat fabric available.


  1. Karolyn,
    I love the cabana's! Always have. I'm sure you will use your inspiration to make them even better!

    1. Thanks Robin, They do look like a mess right now.. definitely need some TLC! Take Care!!Kar

  2. Been through that before! You really do have to use Clorox all over and if it doesn't kill it it will take over again. Have that problem in a rental years ago.
    Good luck, and the pool houses here are gorgeous.

    1. Oh Teresa, they are a hot mess! You are right, clorox and a scrub brush for me tomorrow, and I hope a good semi-gloss with a mildew resist powder additive will do the trick! You have a wonderful weekend!
      xo Karolyn


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