Monday, May 7, 2012

Its Monday and I'm looking at some" studs"!

It seems that good studs are everywhere, decorative metal studs that is! Whereas studs used to be primarily on a decorative sofa or chair, it has now crossed over into almost every aspect of decor.  We see studs now on wall coverings, ottomans, benches, doors and even pillows!  I remember my first upholstered room that I installed, yes, "that I installed".   I upholstered a library for a designer and had to use stud trim to rim under the crown molding and above the rail/wainscoting. Thank God for brass stud taping, it is literally joined together and you only have to add one brass tack to every 8 studs. That was quite a job, but was gorgeous at completion. Now there are so many different studs to choose from and with them already adhered to wall coverings the daunting task of adding them is cut out! I have found some of my favorite stud applications and I hope you agree they are truly worth adding to a room!

Thank goodness I did not have to to this stud job!! It is reminiscent of the deep green velvets walls of the library we did, but the studs basically line the perimeter.

Love this door!

Love the pattern,adds interest to simple linen.

Design section of Jeffries' site.

My favorite!

The two stud pillows

Even dog beds get a stud! Interior Design Hound.

Beautiful studded mirror

Stud console


  1. Thank you for stopping by today Karolyn - a pleasure to meet you. Yes, the studs are everywhere but only appealing when done well!! I have been dying to upholster my swinging kitchen doors with leather and studs!! So glad you are also a fan of Wesley Hall - and in addition to their beautiful products, they are the nicest people!!

  2. Thanks for dropping by too!1 If you do those doors you better post hem, I am dying to see the result, they will look stunning!
    Love your blog, keep up the great work!

  3. Love. It. All.
    I am making this dog bed. Had lumber on my list, so this is it!!
    Love all of these images.
    Happy Monday.

    1. Show me that dog bed when you are done!! That will be so sharp!
      XO Karolyn

  4. I'm loving all these studs! The phillip jeffries wall paper is to die for isn't it? And the first image is AMAZING... what a fabulous idea! Now... what can I stud?! :)

  5. Thanks for checking out my studs! I really love that paper, the sample is really great! So want to use it for someone soon! Have a great week!!
    XO Karolyn

  6. Studs are in! Love the dog bed, it beautiful.


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