Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Kips Bay Show House

The mission of the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club is to improve and enhance the quality of life for all young people, with special emphasis on those who need us most between ages 6-18. Kips Bay Boys and Girls Club exists to assist as many young people as possible to realize and achieve their potential for growth and development and to attain the skills necessary to live and succeed in a complex world.
A glance at the Kips Bay members that they assist:
- 51%live below poverty level.
-50% of the children live in a single parent setting.
-98%of the members are from ethnically diverse family backrounds.
-School drop out rates in these neighborhoods that they serve are more than 25% and    the on time graduation rate is only 33%!
Now that you know the wonderful organization you would be supporting by coming into NYC and touring the Aldyn, let me tell you about some of the top designer’s spaces you will be viewing. There will be 24 total designer including painted finishes and landscape design. Here are  a few of my favorites that I cannot wait to see , but there are many more fabulous designers to view as well.
0.Charlotte Moss, LLC
Patrik Lonn Design Inc.

Not only is there a tour but there are design lectures as well. We will be attending  Miles Redd and his lecture on Fashion and inspiration in interiors Design. I can't wait and will have great things to report after that June 1st lecture. There are many lectures by amazing designers and its worth checking them out! So please visit the Kips Bay site and if you cannot make the tour consider contributing towards this wonderful charity, remember in the end only kindness matters! I will leave you with some of my favorite past Kips Bay rooms.
A bit partial to Chris Coleman's room because its the one I did 2 shifts back to back in at the 2009 Kips Bay,and met some fun people who challenged me to many a ping pong game on that lucite table!

Another room I am partial to is by Joel Woodard a wonderful designer from NJ, and the painting above the bed is done by my good friend Maureen Chatfield.

Love Amanda Nisbet's bedroom fun and cool with a great Pucci inspired hide rug by

One of my all time favorites Garrow Kedigian, this room was next to Chris Coleman"s and he was a joy to hang with!

Richard Mishaan a wonderful eclectic space with great artwork!

Finally a stunning dining room by Matthew Smyth

Photos credit to the following:House BeautifulKnight Moves Blog,thank you.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this gorgeous show house!! Just gorgeous. I am drooling over everything, but the dining room is stunning.
    Happy Thursday.


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