Monday, May 28, 2012

The Unexpected Bed!

Well, I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday weekend! It went very fast! We spent the weekend in upstate NY at our vacation home. It is always fun until you have to leave, and close up the house! As I went from room to room changing linens and making beds, I thought of all the types of beds there must be out there. I was having the fun job of making my children's bed, which is a built in bunk that we created by using space what was originally a hall closet. We decided that we really didn’t need the closet space rather we needed extra guest space so we just opened it up into the bedroom that flanked it. I love the bunks and the extra sleeping space they have created but they are not the easiest bed to make, that’s for sure! What kind of fun beds do you have in your home? Send me some photos and I will dedicate a post to my “viewer’s fantastic beds!” Meanwhile enjoy some of these fantastic beds that I have found.
The bunk beds that I created out of a hall closet.

Adjustable gooseneck lighting makes reading an easy task.

Slide that leads to sunk in pit bed!

Tree house bed!

Furry bed, not so keen on this one but it's interesting!

Tented bed for continual camping!

Climbing bed, I think you have to be in great shape just to get into this one!

Nest bed! The  six fun beds above are!

Lovely from

A bed that doubles as a Movie viewing screen!

So adorable from

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