Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Inspired interiors by Francis Ford Coppola?You bet!

Palazzo Margerhita a beautiful restoration by believe or not, Francis Ford Coppola! Not only is he famous in the film industry but now interior design too. He collaborated with Jacques Grange to create an authentic Italian experience nestled in the home town of Mr. Coppola, Bernalda Italy. The luxury inn features stone arches and wonderful Moroccan inspired stone flooring and tile work. The grand salon turns into a cinema in the evenings and the bar is warm and inviting. There is  a large walled garden that shields the swimming pool and private cabanas. According to the site Mr. Coppola wanted the Palazzo to become a place that his children would want to visit over and over again, therefore he encouraged his whole family to contribute to the actual design of the inn. There is a definite Tunisian style to the suites by no accident, Mr. Coppola’s Grandmother was Tunisian–born and this style of décor paid homage to his grandmother and her homeland.
I find the décor to be a breath of fresh air. There is a relaxed elegance combined with beautiful architecture to make this a one of a kind escape! There is wonderful design inspiration to be found here. I am especially drawn to the bathrooms and tile flooring in which rich tones and patterns were used. I think we can all take a little something from this lovely Inn and use it at sometime in our designs. This is one must see for the bucket list, enjoy!

Oh wouldn't it be LOVELY!

Palazzo Margerhita

The terrace area, quaint and beautiful.

 First class amenities and I will take that stair rail, thanks!

The Palazzo Salon

Salon turns to cinema in evening.

Quaint bar with great men suit style upholstered banquettes.

Love the movie related black and white photos in bar area.

You can also take great cooking classes here as well, just look at that wall!!

The following are a sample of some of my favorite choices of the Garden Suites, note the details and light fixtures, crisp white bedding and architecture that leaves you wanting more!

My favorite!

Oh I want this tile!


  1. Oh I so love this whole house! Especially the tile! Xoxo Caroline

  2. I could be ready in an hour! GORGEOUS! WOuld love to take the cooking class!
    Thank you for sharing, Karolyn!
    Happy Tuesday.


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