Monday, June 11, 2012

Muriel Brandolini design,"gutsy and full of energy!"

While reading the New York Times I came across an article"Beguile with Textiles " by Sara Ruffin Costello. It was about Muriel Brandolini and her wonderful hand blocked fabrics and I was instantly interested! I had seen her fabrics at Holland & Sherry, but really did not know alot about Muriel the designer.  After some research I found Muriel Brandolini's exceptional designing style really made me 'Happy"! Her rooms are as diverse as the designer  herself. Muriel is half /Vietnamese and French/Venezuelan. She is very passionate and full of energy and this shows throughout her work. She finds inspiration from art, sculpture and world travels. Heavily influenced by Asian and European culture she has put out and amazing hand blocked fabric line available through-Holland & Sherry. I find that this line of fabrics definitely lends itself to all interiors. There is something for everyone from ethnic to modern with beautiful,  fun color choices.  Not to mention that she has a fabulous interior design book "The World of Muriel Brandolini"available at Amazon. This is just what I needed to jump start my Monday. Enjoy!
Muriel Brandolini

Really cool, with a chic ethnic vibe and modern touches!

Love the custom window banquettes and great cocktail tables!!

Love the colors , table and that chandelier is just WOW!


Bohemian best!

Ethnic /Euro chic! Just made that one up!!


  1. Wow, Karolyn! Beautiful work. I love every one.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Thank you for sharing this info about the designer. I like her fabrics a lot. She's talented!

  3. You know, some of the patterns I was like "Eh... not so-" But then you see how well it can work it in! Definitely made me take back my original thoughts! Love it!

    1. I wanted to show her gutsy cor choices with fabrics, in the right doses they are really cool! Thanks for input, I love honest comments! Have a great week!

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