Monday, July 9, 2012

Anne O'Leary,"Queen of Adirondack Design"!

I have been back about 4 days now but my mind is still in Lake Placid! It will soon be shaken from it's tranquil state as I start working again today, off to the rug store then back out tomorrow searching for kitchen design! However, while my mind is still in the Adirondack area I might as well blog about it. There seems to be really one name in design when you mention Lake Placid or the Adirondack region and that is Anne Stillman O'Leary. She has written many books on the subject of Adirondack design, one of my favorites is" Rustic Revisited". I always pass her quaint studio nestled into the main street of Lake Placid, and I have also seen her work in other homes that I have visited. I love to know how the designers themselves live and what their decor is like, so I was thrilled to see an article in Country Living on Anne's home! It was smaller than I imagined, but that is what I loved about it.. quaint and well put together it has just the right amount of Rustic touches to give you a sense of her Adirondack style. So enjoy a touch of Adirondack style form the designer herself, Anne O'Leary.


  1. Al so pretty, Karolyn! Thank you for sharing with us.
    Happy Monday.

  2. Love the relaxed and classic feel of the spaces. I particularly love the print wall with insect prints. I've wanted to try something like that for the longest time!

  3. This is fantastic! I'm always curious about designer's home, too. So charming.

  4. Just recently discovered you and this wonderful post! Love this style! #SportingLifestyle

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