Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pink Mood..

I visited a close friend today who is going through a rough time after a double mastectomy reconstruction. It was a sobering visit and a reminder of how many of our closest friends and family members have had to endure breast cancer. I know that October is "Pink" Month for cancer awareness, but today I am going pink for all of those who struggle everyday with this disease and just the month of October. So I have picked some cheerful Pink rooms to represent the Hope I have for my friend's full recovery and for those that I don't know, that they too may recover and we may find a cure for breast cancer!
Credits to House Beautiful, and my daughter Brooke who gladly shared her room for this cause!

My Brooke's very PINK and a bit French inspired room!


  1. Karolyn-
    Thank you for such a sweet post. I hope that your friend will fully recover!
    These rooms are beautiful. Pinkis such a happy color.

  2. Some of my favorite pink rooms! Love your daughters room too! Wishing your friend well!

    1. Thank you Linda, love the Tiffany blue room !! One of my favorite fun colors.. Thepink on is my 12 yea rolds room.. very PINk!


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