Thursday, July 12, 2012

An Artist's Influence on Design," Cy Twombly"!

I love Art! I especially love how it can command a room, or add the finishing touch that a room need in order to feel complete.  I also am intrigued by art and artist's influence on today’s interiors designers. I have seen the wonderful new home of Michael Smith and I wondered where he gets his inspiration? I think I see a bit of Cy Twombly resonating through! I know form Miles Redd Lecture that he is influenced by Cy Twombly's home in Rome, and I wonder if Mr. Smith also felt inspired by the same space when designing his new abode.
Cy Twombly was a diverse artist. His work ranged from abstract expressionism to brief minimalism. Born in 1928, Lexington Virginia, He eventually in 1957 took up permanent residency in Southern Italy. His wonderful home has been the subject of many an article and blog! I think Miles Redd said it best when he stated about Cy Twombly's home in Rome, that the duality of the classical and modern hugely influenced contemporary taste! Cy Twombly sadly passed away a year this month from cancer. I wonder now was Cy Twombly a man ahead of his time or are we starting to appreciate the balance and use of classical objects mixed with modern art as was the case in the 1950's European interiors. I will let you be the judge as I present some of my favorite art by Cy Twombly and some rooms that I feel have definitely been inspired by his genius!
Credits: Pinterest, Belle Vivir,And George

Note the hallway on this post and this influence upon it!

Cy Twombly in his amazing home!

Cy Twombly, ahead of his time??

Cy Twombly's famous bedroom that has inspired many a designer!

Hallway under the influence of Twombly!

Tom Delavan's latest apartment a loose interpretation of Twombly.

Tom Delavan's first apartment channeling Twombly's style in a modern way.

Miles Redd loving the stark colors and fur throw very reminiscent of Twombly.

Michael Smith's new digs!

Michael Smith's bedroom.. definite influence here as well.

I think Kelly Wearstler had little Twombly wall inspiration!

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