Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Guest Blogger-Mari from Arcadian-Home!

We are happy to have Mari from Arcadian-Home here with us today , she has done a wonderful post on elegant window treatments. Please check her site out for the latest in fantastic lighting fixtures!

Hi, all! It's Mari here from Arcadian Lighting, a great online place to find lighting fixtures of all styles and finishes. I'm so happy to be visiting The Relished Roost (What a wonderful blog name!) today with a guest post about elegantly dressed windows.

Beautifully draped windows can bring an elegant air to rooms decorated in many different styles, from traditional to industrial chic and rustic modern country. For your interior design inspiration, here are some of my favorite elegant window coverings:

Interior Design Living Room Traditional†An ornate traditional sitting room is at once formal and comfortable. Floor to ceiling puddled neutral sheers are stunning against limestone walls. An entirely elegant space, it's gorgeous from a blue and yellow rug underfoot to the massive gold and crystal chandelier.

Interior Design Dining Room Decor Draperies†Chartreuse taffeta draperies add drama against dark, almost black, walls. Pulled back for natural light, with neutral shades underneath for privacy after dark, these drapes are the stars of this design--in friendly competition with the lovely ornate lighting fixture.

Interior Design Dining Room Draperies†A lofty industrial space is softened by dramatic floor to ceiling draperies on tall courtyard windows. An †oversized beaded chandelier is centered above the dining table.

Interior Design Living Room Purple†Soft and feminine gathered sheers and shades elegantly dress the wide windows in this pretty girl's bedroom. I wish we could see more of that beautiful purple and turquoise chandelier.

Interior Design Living Room Decor Draperies†A stunning example of how beautifully elegant draperies can meld into a modern farmhouse design. The rustic fabric hangs beautifully and is perfect for the simple panels in this open living space.

Interior Design Living Room Chic†Neutral and orange horizontal stripes strike a lively tone in this chic living room. I love the contrast of the drapes and the graphic blue and white rug.

Interior Design Bathroom Decor†Pale patterned drapery panels add even more elegance to this updated traditional bath. How gorgeous is that massive but delicate wrought iron hanging light fixture?

Interior Design Sitting Room †Creatively hung sheers bring a breezy tropical elegance to this inviting retreat with a stunning water view. Black metal at the windows works well with the black wrought iron bed.†Images†1†|†2†|†3†|†4†|†5†|†6†|†7†|†8

Although draperies can be overlooked at times they can easily elevate your space. †What were your favorite draperies? †Comment Below and don't forget to check out our large selection of elegant lighting fixtures at Arcadian Lighting.


  1. I love the drama of extra long curtains and stripes! Fun post!

  2. Beautiful drapes simply complete any room. The striped one is my fave here.

    1. I agree, Fun post! I love the drama of extra long curtains and the stripes!
      Delores Ensley

  3. Beautiful post, Karolyn. Love curtains, and these images are perfection.
    Happy Tuesday.

  4. lovely design this is, perhaps anyone want to guest blog post?

  5. Nice collection of the work . My favorite one is of as one of ling curtains especially the last one out of all . great work done , Keep it up.

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