Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Well Traveled Home!

My style is very eclectic. I love to mix pieces from various cultures and eras. I feel a room must have at least one antique piece, although I prefer many! I also love the trend back towards a well traveled space. One can have Asian mixed with French pieces and accented with African art. The sky is the limit but just don't over do it! Let each piece compliment the next and not compete with each other for attention in the space.  Here are a few spaces that I think embody a well traveled feel, and some suggestions on how to achieve this yourself, enjoy!

The 3 above are courtesy of-Boston Magazine

Love the sparse monochromatic tones and the wonderful moroccan mat!-Scoop IT

Warm walls, mixes of asian, french, even navajo are evident-Veranda

Clean with suzani pillow, Zebra ottoman.. and West Indies caned furniture.-Joy of Nesting

Amazing interiors of Laudomia Pucci-1st Home Design Interior

Great space! love the long sofa with tones of brown and cream, african artifacts, simple mirrors on the wall.-Blue Bell Girl

The following 4 are from one of my favorite designers Schuyler Samperton, simply wonderful!

Moroccan rugs-Etsy!

Not my choice but it is very cool, this company states humanely culled for preservation-Trophy Zebra

Wonderful Bamileke stool can always add a well traveled feel to a space.Etsy

Asian cabinets another one of my favorites to mix into a space, I love the color of this one.

Again, mixes well into any interior-Etsy.

The growing popular Kuba Cloth pillows-Etsy

Mud cloth pillows I love the pattern-Etsy.

Large flat african baskets look great mixed into groupings on a large wall.

Great little accents-cow bells-Etsy.

Calligraphy paintbrushes, love these-Etsy.

These two Safari photographs done LARGE!-Ryan Kunkelman



  1. I totally agree - nothing more beautiful than a home that has been collected over time. Love the zebra ottoman and the calligraphy paintbrushes are wonderful!

  2. I just love the interiors really amazing with so much fascinating...


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