Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Shakespeare In Love",Fall Fashion trend # 3!

Well this one was tough to wrap my head around! The 3rd trend is a lean towards a Shakespeare inspired attire, definitely Elizabethan in nature with less stuffiness. Baroque, ornate decor is not usually my cup of tea but I decided to pour myself a cup anyway and begin my search. I actually found two forces that can definitely push this trend forward, "Ann Getty", and "Melissa White". 
Ann Getty has been doing custom interior design worldwide since 1995, and has her headquarters in San Francisco. She has graced many a magazine, so I am sure you are familiar with her work and style.
She is definitely a designer for those with discerning taste and an eye for collecting. She also started a furniture line in 2003,"The Ann Getty House Collection", chockfull of amazing reproductions of her most prized personal pieces that she has collected over her years of traveling the globe! 
The other Shakespeare force is truly amazing! Melissa White along with partner David Cutmore established Fairlyte Elizabethan in the town of Hastings, UK. They create and make reproduction fresco panels, and luxurious hand painted linen cloths. They also design wall treatments that they can also apply directly to interiors walls. I was amazed at the authentic look and texture they have achieved, you do feel as if you have been placed in a Shakespeare play when gazing at the wall treatments! 
I am not sure if this will sway over to 16th century decor but it definitely has gained my appreciation for the craft!

Ann Getty fabric choices, brocades!

Some of her amazing reproductions, simply stunning.

Ann Getty

ANN GETTY INTERIORS, this bedroom really feels like the Shakepeare trend!

A heavier feel but has tones of brocade and tapestry just as one would find in a Shakespeare inspired room.

Fairlyte Elizabethan

These gorgeous fresco panels can be single pieces of art for that trendy touch!

Again the fresco, I love it!

Examples of the hand painted fabric.

It is really beautiful and I love the charcoal and cream choice of colors.

A total install of the magic they create.

It looks authentic yet they have created this masterpiece!

The wall they have produced here bring you right back to Shakespeare's time.


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