Thursday, July 26, 2012

Velvet, Fashion Trend #4!

I think this was an easy one! I love velvet, and love seeing at least one piece somewhere in a home.
There are so many ways to get that little touch of velvet from pillows to chairs, and wonderful velvet sofas. Really it's a very easy trend to follow. Although, I am not sure that I would consider it an interior design trend, it's really a classic that has made its way over to fashion again! Enjoy some of my favorite velvet picks for the home and closet.

OMG, these boots..wouldn't last a day in my 2 dog house!!-EX Shoes Me

In love with this Dolce & Gabbana Jacket-Far Fetch

Absolutely lovely, Christian Louboutin of course!-Posh Posh

Loved this ottoman at the C Wonder Store in Manhattan!

Its very nice to have an ottoman or a pouf in a girls room for friends to sit on!-Cote De Texas

Was so excited to pick these pillows from the workroom for my client, cannot wait for install!

We used a gorgeous burnt orange velvet with greek key taping and the sister pillow's fabric is by Manuel Canovas!

Love the blue velvet ottoman and raspberry velvet pillow on sofa.-

This room has hit 3 trends for fall: gilded mirror, trellis patterned rug and yellow velvet sofa!-Decor Pad

Miles Redd and his famous red velvet sectional!

Windsor Smith room with 2 great velvet chairs in beautiful tones!

Okay, I am not a big fan of the velvet window treatment,but I love this! I think Ina Garten did it right with  the orange velvet and the contrast with the stark white wall that really makes this work.
C wonder and this great velvet bench, can go in a foyer,hallway, foot of bed etc.-Style Beat

Velvet bed anyone? Decor Pad

Fell in love with these fun headboards at Horchow , all three are unique and with the right velvet can look stunning in any room!

Oh these velvet walls, I think the studs really have me here!!

Tory Burch's Velvet Dining walls are beautiful, rich and elegant and need vacuuming often I am sure!-Ruth Burts


  1. I love velvet everything, and I love silk velvet for bed coverings.
    These images are gorgeous.
    Happy Thursday.

  2. Wow! So pretty. Velvet is a rich fabric and when it is used in decor it simply transform a room


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