Thursday, August 16, 2012

Design-Legacy is just plain fun for the home!

Unfortunately I hardly ever get to the summer gift show in NYC, instead I always try to hit the winter one! I miss not seeing the new arrivals from some of my favorite vendors, and cannot wait until February to catch up!
One such company that I love and really enjoy their booth and display is Design-Legacy by Kelly O'Neal. The booth is full of color and textures and completely draws you right in! I have been getting emails tempting me to hit NYC or High Point but alas my summer schedule does not permit it.. so I will wait until winter to enjoy all the new goods. Until then I thought I would share with you some of my favorite finds from Design-Legacy and believe me this is only a few, they have so much to offer I could do several posts on all my favorites! Enjoy.. as I head off for San Diego tomorrow.


  1. All these products look so beautiful..and have a great kind of print work on them.


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