Saturday, August 4, 2012

Impressions of Interiors : Walter Gay

As I continue my search for the perfect piece of art, I have revisited some books on classic paintings.
One such book that is a must for art and interiors lovers is Impressions of Interiors, Gilded Age Paintings by Walter Gay.The book was done by Isabel L Taube and features 70 works from public and private collections. It displays the wonderful work by the American artist Walter Gay and his depiction of "empty" rooms filled with furniture but no human presence.
Walter Gay ()1856-1836) was a highly accomplished artist. He and his wife Matilda lived most of their life in Paris and enjoyed being part of "High Society". Many of Walter's painting were of his home or that of his close friend's, thus you will find many French pieces present in the rooms he depicted. I love the effortless flow to each of his rooms, you can almost place yourself there for a moment. I also love the inspiration one can obtain from these  interiors by seeing them rendered in oil! I found a fun site that does oil reproductions and one such artist they reproduce is Walter Gay. So, if you cannot afford a Walter Gay original check out  Meanwhile get this book you wont be sorry!



  1. Beautiful, Jennifer. I love your choices here. Such a lovely book.

  2. Adore! Especially the last two images. Thank you so much for sharing Jennifer!

    Art by Karena
    2012 Artist Series

  3. I adore this style of painting. My fave, actually!

  4. Thanks Ladies, I would love one of these in my home too!!!

  5. These are all beautiful. I wouldn't know which one to hang on my wall. I like them all.


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