Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Art Search on U Gallery!

What is a space with out art...just a space! Art is a very personal expression of oneself and and should not be taken lightly! Don't just throw a painting or print up there to cover a hole in the wall, really love what you hang! I have become a bit obsessed with searching for art. I have a cluster of artwork climbing the wall  of my staircase in the living room, and each little piece speaks to me. Now I am onto the Dining room where I need a substantial piece over my buffet. I love seeing what up and coming artists have to offer, and the site that I turn to most is U Gallery. I still venture onto Etsy and Ebay and love to peruse many art galleries in PA, and NYC. However, this is so easy from my little old desk to view piece after piece from the comfort of my office!  I have my favorite Friday picks for you today, and if you get a chance go on the U Gallery site and find some favorites of your own! Happy Weekend everyone!


  1. Art really does make a space, all mediums! Beautiful images, Karolyn.
    Happy Friday.

  2. Love your eye for art. It makes the space!



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