Monday, August 27, 2012

Take me back to Pelican Hill!

The highlight of our trip was definitely staying at the Pelican Hill Resort! This resort is located in  Newport Beach, California but you feel like you are in Italy. I loved everything about this resort! We stayed in the bungalows which featured vaulted wood ceilings and hand hewn beams, limestone fireplaces, and marble baths. Everything is pretty much in walking distance, but if you need to go beyond that they will either provide a golf cart ride or an Escalade to drive you where you need to go.
The resort also offers Villas that range from 2,000 to over 3,00 square feet with a more private atmosphere and  personal amenities. Everything is done so well and the decor is rich yet leaves you with a serene feeling. Walls are adorned with lovely oil paintings and antique tapestries. The salt water pool is HUGE! My Children enjoyed it very much, and we could even escape the sun in cabanas provided pool side.  This is both a couples and family resort and either way you choose it's a winner!
I hope you all can experience Pelican Hill one day, until then I will leave you with a few photos from our stay.

Pelican Hill

Definite Italian influence but done with a modern twist!


Loved all the nooks one could hide in while relaxing in the lobby!

This was stunning, I have a new appreciation for aged tapestries.

Our bungalow, my camera lighting ..not the best.

The ceilings were great and the wood tone was warm and simply aged.

Partner desk served as a nice table for the girls when they ordered room service!

Each bungalow had a wonderful private terrace.

View was amazing, very European .

I think my husband's favorite part of the trip was playing this course.

All the paths were manicured very well.

Children's favorite part of trip!

Andrea Restaurant was delicious and the booths were very comfortable with views of the golf course and water.

The Villa's bedroom.

The living space in the Villa.

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