Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Use to Cringe at Fringe!

The way to cure one's fear is to face that fear itself! I used to cringe at fringe. Any kind of fringe, bullion, beaded, pompom, tassel, suede etc! You get the point. I was always a clean lined decorator, sparingly using trim only when I felt a great need too. However, I am definitely starting to warm of to it.
I think because I am seeing it everywhere in fashion, and in solid traditional design it is starting to win me over! I never thought I would see the day that I feel the need to add good old bullion to my never custom sofa or built in bench. I also love it in fashion as well. How do you feel about FRINGE?
Does it make you cringe or say give me more. Here are some of my new favorites. Enjoy!
Loving this fringe at the moment! House Dressing Style


Ralph Lauren 2012 Spring.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph for Bloomingdales

Nine West!

Cashmere lined Lamb skin leather for Brooks Brothers.

A little Gatsby inspired! Baci at Shoptiques.

Love this room! House Beautiful.


The ottoman-Elle Decor.

The Enchanted Home

Pale blue fringe-House Beautiful!

Miles Redd definitely does not cringe at fringe!


  1. I love a good fringe, as long as its sophisticated! Great post! xo Caroline

  2. I'm such a fan and especially love a chunky cotton fringe that adds a touch of whimsy!

  3. Have always loved fringe in decor, but only on some clothing pieces, outerwear mostly. Beautiful images here, Karolyn.
    Happy Monday.

  4. I could totally get behind the resurgence of bullion fringe!

  5. I don't love, but don't hate either. I think I would accept it better in decor.

    Happy Monday.


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