Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ivanka's Taste Trumps Donald's!

I just opened the new Elle Decor, Love It! The cover is gorgeous and I love the section on Ivanka Trump's apartment. We are all too familiar with donald, and I have been to the Trump Golf club, which is nice but definitely has the Trump midas touch!  I really like that Ivanka is her own person, with her own taste not influenced by what she was surrounded by all her life. The apartment is chic and fun with a touch of sophistication.   What are your thoughts? Enjoy!


  1. Her bedroom is certainly beautiful - makes a great cover and I personally love dark bedrooms!

  2. I like the bedroom, but the rest of the home just doesn't fit Ivanka's personality. I saw her on the Today show, and she was making it clear that her husband had a lot of input into the design. For modern, I think the home is well done. Thank you for sharing. I have not seen it all. Need to catch up.
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. The apartment looks chic and modern. The bedroom is so pretty.

  4. Hi Karolyn,
    Hope you have a chance to check my guest post, 'cause I linked it back to you. I got so inspired by your Navajo post that I had to use one of your images.


    1. Wow! Thanks Priscila I really appreciate that!
      Have a great weekend!!!


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