Monday, October 1, 2012

Lori Glavin- Guest Artist of the Week!

Lori Glavin is a wonderfully talented artist who resides in Darien CT., with her husband Michael and her youngest son Mackenzie. Her older twin son's, Clark and Henry are in college. Henry is an artist who is studying at Alfred University and Clark is studying this semester in Cuba. Her contemporary paintings are bright and thought provoking and mix effortlessly into even the most traditional of spaces.
Please view a few of the available works of Lori Glavin and her artist's statement which says it all!

Lori's Statement: I accumulate and re-interpret the artifacts of daily life. Embracing the relationship between domesticity and art-making, I seek to find a second use for found objects of personal significance – whether my grandmother’s lace doilies, supermarket packaging or household textiles. The theme of renewal is common in my work, as my day-to-day routine mirrors the larger cycle of organic growth and decay.
My inspiration flows from the demands and joys of the specific project combined with my memories and daily experiences. Spontaneous, intuitive, reactive and immediate, I begin my paintings and prints with a pile of raw materials and a string of unstructured, but related thoughts. Working on several pieces at once, I react to energizing color combinations and explore the potential of new materials. An ordered chaos of imagery emerges as my process unfolds. Each piece reflects the frenetic pace and diversity of contemporary life that is at once overwhelming and exhilarating.

These a paintings and others available (203-952-7694)


  1. LVOE THE last image and the abstract with lavender! Very talented artist, Karolyn!
    Happy Tuesday.

  2. I adore large contemporary pieces like these. Really. I have a huge one over the fireplace, it used to belong to a friend who passed away suddenly and her sons allowed me to purchase it. So a beautiful, stunning remembrance. So happy to know you !!!

    1. What a lovely way to always remember a friend! So glad I found your blog as well!
      Have a nice evening,

  3. Reminds me of Monet but in abstract! Love her use of colors. xo

    1. Thanks for stopping by!, you are so right... I love her use of colors too!


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